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Ghost Money.

Ghost Money: Synth Boffin

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Chakra Frenzy
: mp3, 128kbs, 5:04 [4.64MB] © Ghost Money 1996.
Infinite Peace: mp3, 128kbs, 4:09 [3.80MB] © Ghost Money 2000.
NEW! Drive Through: mp3, 128kbs, 7:39 [7.00MB] © Ghost Money, Gaye Device and Alan ? 2006.
NEW! Thrillseeker's Levitation: mp3, 128kbs, 3:02 [2.79MB] © Ghost Money 2006.

Ghost Money is a Yorkshire based musical decadent, never happier than when thrashing around in some fresh and incomprehensible synth patch, in the manner of an enthusiastic truffle pig.

Having spent some time programming and playing a Vl-1 (The under-appreciated Yamaha physical modelling syntheszer) and chopping up audio in samplers he currently spends much of his time building and mastering a beautiful modular Trautonium, the fascinating instrument of electronic pioneer Oskar Sala. The forthcoming album 'Kiss My Void' features extensive use of this wonderful instrument.

Along with solo projects he has also worked with Inder Goldfinger, percussionist with artists as varied as the Eurythmics, Fundamental and currently, Ian Brown. Other collaborators include Kadir Durvesh, master of the Indian Shenai and Chris Dawkins (mentioned below). He has also made the album 'To come and go in peace' with Eivissa based musician, vocalist and artist Elimar, a second album is nearing completion.

"Aren't synthesizers great? Even the crap ones have their personality and sonic virtue to be wrought from them."

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NEW! Ghost Money album: - "Kiss My Void."

Ghost Money:Kiss My Void.

Composition, performance and programming by Ghost Money.


  • 1. Kiss My Void.
  • 2. Tuschinski Playtime.
  • 3. Field Forming.
  • 4. By This Time We Didn't Know What We Were Looking At.
  • 5. Day 5.
  • 6. Evening 4.
  • 7. Amphora.
  • 8. Dammerschein.
  • 9. Pole Flip.
  • 10. Form Fading.
  • 11. New Vistas in Cymatics.
  • 12. Four Winds At Play.
Buy this album @ iTunes Kiss My Void
KISS MY VOID: an album of sonic adventures with the Trautonium, the obscure, wondrous electronic instrument of the pioneer Oskar Sala (1911-2002). Played with a linear manual as opposed to a keyboard and with 1930's based
technology it has a sound pallette that can create emulations of many instruments that somehow always have a distinct sonic signature, to sound colours that are as unique as they are organic. For more information see my

From bittersweet elegance to a dimension splitting bark, shimmering animated drones and primeval chord sweeps, it renders many modern digital and soft synths performance capabilities a tame prospect.

There's no point trying to appeal to the marketplace with an instrument such as this, as it has it's own momentum and the way in which it stimulates the imagination will drive it's own course to the stars. It's a sad reflection on our instant gratification culture that a talent of Oskar's stature and an instrument of such power and beauty have been ignored by this and preceding generations. Appreciation of the Trautonium takes time, but the sound of it transcends time.

Ghost Money album: - "The Shattered Worldview Assortment."

Ghost Money:The Shattered Worldview Assortment.

Bye, bye braincuffed Britain.

Composition, performance and programming by Ghost Money.
Guitar on Kundalini accelerator and Aimless horizon by Chris Dawkins, who some of you may know through his work with Nightmares on Wax, Mu, Jimi Tenor and many others.

  • 1. Kundalini Accelerator.
  • 2. Mindflake Escapade.
  • 3. Solid-gone Neocon.
  • 4. Aimless Horizon.
  • 5. Mystery Swimmer.
  • 6. Global Gobstopper.
  • 7. Hieroglyphic Lantern.
  • 8. Uptown Bongo-banking.
  • 9. Natural Economy.
Buy this album @ iTunes The Shattered Worldview Assortment
An album for those who find the modern paranoid "Get them all, get the lot." consensus has become an uninhabitable headspace, an open window on other available 'realities' where true peace is not just a distant dream but a self-evident presence. A place where the ranting grim faced pomposities of the newsfeed dissolve into a radiant afterglow, pregnant with possibility. A deliciously debauched vista where noxious accretions of the angry rimblock dissappear on an aimless horizon.

From funk flavoured house ferment to jazz tinged reverie, honeyed electronic abstraction to lounge coloured frolic, a melt in the mind selection of compositional confections. Let's face it, there's little point in practising the paranoia when there are so many other delightful musical instruments at hand. There can be no doubt about it, the global war on terror could only be attributable to human error.

Other Ghost Money Albums.

The Revolution Of Undoing (with
Kundalini Flavours).

Buy this album @ iTunes. The Revolution Of Undoing.

Beneath The Current.

To Come And Go In Peace (with Elimar).  

Buy this album @ iTunes. To Come And Go In Peace.

all music © Ghost Money and other where stated.

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