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Evi Vine.

Evi Vine
Evi Vine free music downloads @ zonicweb ...

Inside Her: [© Evi Vine 2005] mp3, 128kbs, 3:10 [2.90MB]
Tell Me: [© Evi Vine 2005] mp3, 128kbs, 5:09 [4.72MB]
Better: [© Evi Vine 2005] mp3, 128kbs, 5:27 [4.99MB]
Shame: [© Evi Vine 2005] mp3, 128kbs, 4:37

Evi Vine.

Until last year, the Evi Vine story had been one of collaborations. As a vocalist, lyricist and co-writer, she has worked with such varied electronic artists as Lab 4 (Elementary), Dylan Rhymes (Sherlock Holmes), Silencer (Mute), Luke Slater (Mute), Downliners Sekt (Bloom) and Rob Reng (West), as well as more organic collaborations with artists such as soundtrack composer Graeme Revell (The Crow, Tombraider), songwriter Kevin Hunter (Sheryl Crow et al), Noel Hogan (The Cranberries), Sally Herbert (PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & the Banshees) and Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths, New Order).

Since stretching out as a solo artist, Evi has been recording / releasing tracks, and has put together an excellent band which currently consists of:

Danny Valentine - Guitar
Andrew Cressy - Bass Guitar
Morgan King - Drums / Percussion.

On record, new dimensions seep into the songs, but seeing Evi live is where the spirit of her music is captured in its more pure and raw form. Hers is a form of songwriting steeped in metaphor, narrative and emotion, playing out its stories over a backdrop of tense guitar and rhythm that has one foot in the Mississippi delta and one foot in the tenements of Berlin. Translating the emotions and stories at play in the songs with a voice that leaves the audience gasping for air, the fragile beauty of this work is underpinned by darker powers that hint at a life far outside the realms of the everyday.

Press ...

'Excellent ... absorbing, haunting and sensual ... welcome to the dark side of the blues' - Cosmo Landesman (The Sunday Times)

'Very warm, I like this a lot. Great guitar sound, amazing voice ... I'm gonna give this one a spin' - Neil Cole (XFM)

'The acoustic work is subtle, yet charged. A cracking voice' - Rev. Milo Speedwagon (Kiss FM)

'Mesmeric, evocative, powerfully delivered and always a surprise -Tony Moore (Kashmir Klub)

'Gorgeous and haunting' Bill Cummings (God Is In The TV 'Zine)

'Ethereal, dark and sensual' (Rare Chromo)

Press for the single, 'Drown in Me' ...

'Drown in Me' is reminiscent of some of Massive Attack's finest works (Progressive Sounds)

Silencer - Drown in Me: This year has seen a lot of fusion in dance music that only takes one listen and your hooked. I love it and reckon its the way to go with what sounds like a hybrid of a U2 track with a bit of Trance and house. A deeper kind of vibe with housey drums, Huge strings, Piano's, Guitar riff's and a classic vocal that make it stand out from the rest. Its the kind of track that could cross over into the charts so lets see what happens - Matt Darey (I-Vibes).

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