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Dark Chunk.


Hot News!!!

Sadly, Dark Chunk have now split. However the funk goes on! ... Krik and Sue Chunk have formed a new band, "Omega 66". More information about the new band is available at www.omega66.com and www.myspace.com/omega66.


DARK CHUNK, winner of Glastonbury’s Unisigned Band 2004 competition is according to TheFunkStore.com a mix of “Spit-fire rhymes, flamboyant grooves and heavy elastic beats”. The band broke onto the music scene during the summer of 2002 and is the brain child of Jo Chunk (aka Joe Cicero, vocals & bass) & Krik Chunk (aka Chris Young, vocals & guitar). Sue Chunk (aka Sue Hogan, vocals), Dai ‘Nord’ Chunk (Keys) and Simon ‘The Guv’ Berriman (Drums) complete the DARK CHUNK line-up that produces a seamless amalgamation of modern R&B & old skool funk grooves grounded with raw, groove-driven rock & strong melodic hooks, more easily referred to as ‘runk’ music, a term invented by the band to classify the originality of the music.

Dark Chunk.
Sue Chunk.

DARK CHUNK has developed an acclaimed live show thru intensive gigging, including a residency at Cardiff's renowned Toucan Club and more than 70 gigs at other venues across the UK, among them Glastonbury 2004 (Dance Tent) to an audience of 6000, The Hard Rock Café (Various), Cardiff Students Union, and The Brixton Telegraph, London.
Dark Chunk.
Krik Chunk, Sue Chunk and Joe Chunk.

DARK CHUNK entered the studio in late 2003/early 2004 to record the acclaimed mini-album 'Raw Runk Music'. Released in April 2004 through the band's own label, DC Records, 'Raw Runk Music' is selling to locations all over the UK in increasing numbers through the band's website and record shops, and has attracted much live work & airplay around the UK.

Listen to Dark Chunk! [full tracks of DC in mp3 128/192 kbs format].

Smokey [5:28]
B-Line [6:07]
Moonlite [live] [4:05]
Moonlite [4:39]
Huw Ribbonicon [4:48]
Avidlividrabid [5:11]

All tracks © Dark Chunk 2004/5 ... Raps by Captain & Dregz.

New Album "The Multi-Speed Stimulator"

Dark Chunk new album.

This eleven track album is made up of eight freshly-recorded tunes familiar to D.C. fans from the Raw Runk Music EP & live shows, as well as three hitherto unheard belters.

"This masterpiece of modern music is a seductive stew of club-rock™, chav-funk™, twisted pseudo-pop & good old runk™ music™, & You Need It In Your Life©. Runk on!" ... Dark Chunk.
Dark Chunk.
Dark Chunk.

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