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Welcome to the Museum of Bad Album Covers.

Bad Album Cover.
Currently displaying 156 awful album covers!
Special Notice: zonicweb.net accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any nausea, vomiting and/ or retinal damage caused by viewing these album covers.  

Also, it has been brought to my attention that one or two of the album covers here may be "unsafe for work", so be warned!

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Special Thanks.
Thanks to all of you who have sent in terrible album covers for inclusion in the site.
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The Museum Of Bad Single Covers!!!
Bad Single Covers.
Hot News! A small preview of the Museum of Bad Single Covers may be seen at my "myspace" page!
BAD MUSIC RADIO! An exquisite, handpicked selection of some of the worst music ever. So now you can assault your ears AND your eyes at the same time! ... Features "artists" from the museum, as well as old favourites such as "Mr T", "Hulk" Hogan, William Shatner etc (64k streaming audio).
THE TOP TEN !!! See what museum of bad album covers fans voted as "the worst of the worst". "Near misses" are also included.

page 1... Metal mayhem (smell the glove!).
page 2... Metal mayhem 2.
page 3... Metal mayhem 3.
page 4... Keeping it unreal.
page 5... Oh no! ... it's the Germans!
page 6... Oh no! ... it's the Germans 2!
page 7... "It seemed like a good idea at the time!"
page 8... "It seemed like a good idea at the time!" 2.
page 9... "It seemed like a good idea at the time!" 3.
page 10. It seemed like a good idea at the time!" 4.
page 11. Gay and Lesbian village.
page 12. Gay and Lesbian village 2.
page 13. Funk, soul etc ("that's bad meaning BAD!")
page 14. "Should I shoot the stylist now?"
page 15. "Should I shoot the stylist now?" 2.
page 16. "Only in America!"
page 17. "Only in America!" 2.
page 18. The God squad.
page 19. The God squad 2.
page 20. The God squad 3.
page 21. The Latin quarter.
page 22. The Latin quarter 2.
page 23. "We dont need one of those fancy graphic designers!".
page 24. "We dont need one of those fancy graphic designers!" 2.
page 25. When sex rears it's (very) ugly head.
page 26. When sex rears it's (very) ugly head 2.
page 27. Sexy Scandanavia.
page 28. Queen: kings of bad album covers! & The Russians are coming!
page 29. A special tribute to the Beatles.
page 30. Ventriloquism on record?
page 31. Seasons greetings!
page 32. Great British awfulness.
page 33. "Sexist? ... So what? What's wrong with being SEXY?"
page 34. The horror show.
page 35. Uncatogorizable awfulness.
page 36. Uncategorizable awfulness 2.
page 37. Uncategorizable awfulness 3.
page 38. Uncategorizable awfulness 4.

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