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Bad Album Cover.  

3 (5) Ken "By Request Only " [69 votes]

A permanent resident of the "top ten" since it's inception, it's Ken! a man who looks like he was hewn out of solid rock, by a very ham fisted sculptor!

Many thanks to huge Ken fan Bryan, from the University of California? ... He has sent me a great pastiche of this cover. How about starting a Ken tribute act Bryan? as the resemblance is simply uncanny!-)

Comments from voters ...
"My god, i haven't slept in 2 nights after seeing that KEN album cover - - didn't i see him on the Newlywed Game in 1976? Or was it Ripley's Believe It Or Not segment that featured "the man born with his penis on his chin". Incidentally, has anyone actually HEARD this LP and survived to talk about it?" Madam (USA?)

No.5 Ken by request "by request of what???? man i think that hair is actually an animal" Nick (U.K)

Ken's album cover should have been the number one, although virgin killer is bad in a completely more disturbing way. However, I was wondering what the ken album sounds like? I'd love to hear something, anything by the man of eternal confusion. Also, attached, my friend and I had some
fun with the Ken look. B.M. (US)

Easily the worst I've ever seen, the combination of the helmet hair, blankly staring eyes and impossibly bad facial hair, not to mention the white safari suit and name "Ken" make this a horrific cover. L.D. (New Zealand)

Maybe I've been gay too long, but it sure looks like Ken is waiting anxiously by a glory hole. Which side, you ask? The look on his face tells it all: he's being offered something Really Big! J.D.T. (Unknown)

I suspect it's the little hole in the wall behind him that turns your mind to "glory holes" JD. Then again, maybe not!-) (webmaster).

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