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Bad Album Cover.  

1 (1) The Scorpions - "Virgin Killer" [180 votes]

Number 1 again! ... I wonder why?

Selected comments from voters ...
Oh my God! I saw that Virgin Killer album when I was about 19, and thought, "She's cute". Now I'm 43 and I'm wondering how to hide all evidence that I had that on my computer! C. (USA?)

"Hmmm, honestly. I would never thought that VIRGIN KILLER cover would be the worst ever. I could have picked on anything else...such as Lonesome Crow or Fly to the Rainbow. But not on Virgin Killer. The virgin killer cover was the most popular in 70s. People were talking about it all the time as the most exotic cover, even in the American movies (Stoned Age). There is without a shadow of the doubt not a KID-PORN cover as there is no sex action on the cover. Also, the girl's genital is not seen either. Its disturbing because of peoples own judgment and self prejudism. There is no way that cover is the worst! ... " D.S. (Canada).

It is a bit sad that this cover won the poll thanks to the puritan lunatic fringe (don't they have any sense of humour?), without taking into account that the worst thing about this cover is really the off-centered lettering on top, was the designer a bit shy on placing big lettering on top of such image?.By the way, anybody knows the identity of the model? big question. JV (Spain)

See below! (webmaster)

Congratulations. Sixteen years listening to heavy metal (and a little rap on the side) and I've never seen an album cover that actually managed to offend me... until now. The Scorpions prove that NOTHING is impossible! C. (U.S.A.)

"Without a doubt #1 Scorpions virgin killers. If thats not a doctored photo what mother would let their daughter pose like that? Disgusting and exploiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . C. Unknown.

... Well allegedly, the cover concept was her fathers idea, he was a creative director for R.C.A. at the time (webmaster).

.......I honestly don't have words to describe this cover except: Kiddie Porn. Has this cover been banned? R. (Unknown)

It was banned in the more puritanical U.S. but went on general release elsewhere. I was given a copy of it when I was young from a relative who worked for RCA. He produced LOT's of them, as it was a big hit! (webmaster).

I've gotta go with the majority on this one; album cover #10 by the Scorpions goes beyond bad taste, poor judgment, and licentiousness. Two thumbs and ten toes down. I'm not often at a loss for words, but this depravity rendered me as silent as Marcel Marceau. Hey, come to think of it, did he ever release an album and if so, do you have the cover? J. (Unknown)

Actually he DID make an album! ... It's called "Marcel Marceau speaks"!!! (webmaster).

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